Art, design, and just the process of making things is what I love.  I  received a BFA majoring in painting, and minoring in printmaking.  Once  out of school, I lived in Brooklyn, New York where I worked in several  jobs based in the fashion industry before starting my line of cards and  stationery products.  The stationery line is primarily all handmade  using such processes as screenprinting, letterpress printing, dying,  hand painting and sewing.  The esthetic is a melding of modern with  organic.  Color is my main muse for almost everything I do.  I also like  to infuse elements of the unexpected, whether it be with composition,  color play, or even just simplification of an image.  I would say the  main things that inspire me are fashion, nature, and the surprises or  color and  visual texture that are experienced while traveling.